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In the real estate sector, water management is crucial for the development, operation, and maintenance of real estate properties. Nowadays, water security and resilience are increasingly important in the face of rising and intensifying climate events such as floods or droughts. At FibraShop, we are committed to mitigating and reducing our water consumption through the implementation of efficient technologies, as well as raising awareness and educating our staff.

During 2022, our total water consumption amounted to 248,258.95 m3, resulting in a water intensity of 0.179 m3/ m2 of Gross Leasable Area (GLA).

PropertiesGround (m3)Purchased(m3)Subterránea (m3)Purchased (m3)Subterránea (m3)Purchased (m3)Subterránea (m3)Purchased (m3)
Plaza Cibeles-49,419.00-32,285.00-39,537.00-43,205.00
La Luciérnaga-21,183.00-16,468.00-17,781.00-19,457.00
Puerto Paraíso71,203.00-101,109.00-92,909.00-181,860.00-
Kukulcán Plaza4,230,370.608,041.001,219,837.009,512.002,148,871.005,338.002,461,711.004,440.00
Puerta Texcoco20,417.0027,347.0015,266.0013,017.0016,256.0014,935.5019,105.0017,530.00
UC Xalapa-7,445.00-6,381.00-7,155.00--
UC Jurica-30,863.50-22,475.50-18,717.00-23,121.00
UC Juriquilla-4,609.37-1,891.00-2,175.00-1,713.00
Nima Shops-17,228.00-17,773.00-17,596.00-17,968.00
Plaza Los Atrios-26,796.00-38,954.00-51,391.00-49,127.00
Galerías Mall Sonora-48,141.00-32,024.00-23,948.00-26,490.00
Galerías Tapachula-27,759.00-16,935.00-25,817.00-23,112.00
Las Misiones-55,893.00-16,332.00-31,251.00-36,780.00
City Center Esmeralda-11,410.00-21,701.00-25,002.00-24,848.00
Plaza Cedros-17,379.00-13,813.00-10,209.00-9,602.00
Cruz Del Sur-3,270.00-3,016.00-3,395.00-6,468.00
Puerta La Victoria-67,623.00-35,148.00-41,542.00-49,407.00
La Perla-----28,926.4
Percentage extraction in water streseed areas4--12%18.25%

Regarding our water consumption, including both common areas and tenant usage, we recorded a total consumption of 501,941.38 m3, reflecting an increase of 21.19% compared to our 2021 figures.

The water consumption in our properties is equivalent to the reported extraction values, with the exception of Puerto Paraíso and Kukulcán Plaza. These properties have discharge values from desalination wells due to their desalination process, which managed to produce 100,642 m3 of potable water through their desalination plants. Overall, a total of 248,259 m3 of water was consumed.

PropertiesGround ProductionDischarge
Puerto Paraíso181,86075,353106,507
Kukulcán Plaza2,461,71125,2892,452,559