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Training and Development


Within FibraShop, we invest in the professional and personal growth of our people. As such, we offer training and development programs for all our employees tailored to the needs of their roles. These programs aim to enhance their relevant skills and knowledge required to perform their duties effectively. Similarly, having development programs in place enables employees to adapt to new technologies, work methods, and market demands, fostering creativity and innovation. This, in turn, ensures that the organization remains current and competitive in the industry.

Additionally, to uphold our principles and values throughout the organization, we provided training to 78% of our employees, totaling 9,191 hours in various topics. These include:

  • Human Rights: with the primary goal of preventing abuses and promoting a just society where the rights of each of our employees are respected and valued.
    • Benefits: Facilitates understanding of human rights and prevents the violation of our employees’ human rights.
  • Gender-Based Violence, aiming to raise awareness among our employees about the global significance of preventing gender-based violence and the importance of creating opportunities for women.
    • Benefits: Assisting our employees in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to promote gender equality.
  • Identification of “burnout” or work-related exhaustion with the aim of eliminating work-related stress and anxiety and promoting the well-being of our employees.
    • Benefits: Preventing negative health consequences for our employees.

[8] In 2022, the turnover rate increased considerably with respect to the figure reported in 2021 due to the beginning of FibraShop’s strategy of direct hiring of operating personnel.