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Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholders are groups or individuals who are positively or negatively affected by the activities and decisions of the organization. To identify, engage, and communicate with our stakeholders, we conducted an exercise in 2020 based on the International Standard ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility.

Below are the stakeholders and the communication channels we maintain with them:

StakeholdersDescriptionCommunication channels Communication frequency
Financial Institutions• Multi-service Banks
• Development Banks
Personal meetings with the finance departmentMonthly
Government, departments and authorities• Federal and State Institutions
• Municipal Government
• SAT, IMSS, INFONAVIT, Banco de México, SEMARNAT, National Banking and Securities Commission, COFECE, INEGI, IMPI, and others
• Announcements
• Tax mailbox
• Surveys
• Visits to properties
• Meetings with deparments
EmployeesCorporate and on-site personnel• Annual Mall Manager´s and Corporate Convention
• Conference calls
• One-on-One meetings
• E-mail
• Intranet
• Human Resources office
• Work climate surveys
• Teambuilding events
• Open-door policy
Tenants• Multinational
• National and international franchises
• SMEs
• Government
• One-on-One meetings
• Conference calls
• E-mail communications
CBFI Holders• Equity investors
• Investing public
• Quarterly Report
• Quarterly Conference Call
• Annual Report
• Material Events
• Website
Rating agencies and analystsIn charge for assessing financial risk to the investing public• One-on-One meetings
• Conference calls
• E-mail communications
• Relevant events
• Website
SuppliersRelated to operations:
• Security and cleaning services
• Water, electricity and gas
• Garbage and waste collection
• Other operating services
• Procurement
• One-on-One meetings
• Contracts
• Notifications
Visitors• Tenants suppliers and employees
• General public visiting the mall for shopping and entertainment purposes
• Meetings with Mall Management
• Events
• Social media
• Suggestion box
CommunitiesResidents of the area in which the malls is located• Social media
• Website
• Events
Partners/ Partnerships• Asociación Mexicana de FIBRAS Inmobiliarias (AMEFIBRA)
• Consejo Consultivo de Finanzas Verdes (CCFV)
• Instituto Nacional de Relación con Inversionistas (INARI)
• One-On-One meetings
• Notifications