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Have 50% green debt or linked to sustainable KPIs 0%


100% LED lighting in all properties 0%

Develop a projection for when we will become a net-zero REIT, and define a decarbonization strategy (Pending start) 0%

Issue a green bond or sustainability-linked bond (Pending start) 0%

Reduce water intensity to 0.25 m3/ m2 of construction 0%

Reduce waste generation by 25% against the base year (2019) 0%

Increase the percentage of recycled, reused and composted waste by 10% 0%

Estimate the financial impact of the physical climate change risk identified (Pending start) 0%

Obtain environmental certification for the La Perla property 0%


Reduce energy intensity by 50% from the base year (2019) 0%

Increase our consumption of energy from renewable sources to 50% of the total 0%



Survey tenants on their prioritizaztion of ESG topics and update materiality analysis 0%


Pay 100% of our employees a salary equivalent above the local minimum wage 0%

Provide an average of 40 hours of training per employee 0%

Develop and implement an ESG training program for employees 0%


Have 25% of senior management positions occupied by women 0%

Have 28% of operating positions occupied by women 0%

Provide human rights training to 100% of our employees 0%

Adapt four of our current properties into Centros de Vida 0%

Obtain ESG certification for at least 35% of the constructed area of our portfolio 0%

Have a training program for employees, focused on the relationship with tenants and suppliers. (Pending start) 0%


Zero fatal accidents in our properties 0%

Pay 100% of our employees a salary equivalent to at least double the local minimum wage 0%

Directly hire 100% of the employees who provide their services through an external company. 0%


Performance evaluations for 50% of our employees 0%



Have 100% of employees sign the Code of Ethics 0%


Prepare and implement an ESG questionnaire for suppliers 0%

Set up an ESG training plan for governance bodies and senior management 0%


Incorporate a human rights clause into supplier agreements (Pending start). 0%

Encourage ESG training and education for Board Members 0%

Address 100% of grievancecs with a formal decision 0%

Implement ESG strategy in decision-making and development of new properties 0%


Establish ESG criteria for acquisitions. (Pending start) 0%

Include ESG aspects in senior management evaluations 0%