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Ethics and Transparency

Corporate Governance

Ethical behavior and transparency guide our decisions and operations at FibraShop. Conducting ourselves with integrity in all our actions is not only a moral imperative but also builds trust among our stakeholders and creates a competitive advantage in the sector. Our commitment to ethics extends beyond our direct operations; it encompasses our supply chain and tenants as well.

At FibraShop, we strive for all business relationships and decisions to be guided by the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and regulatory compliance. Our Code of Ethics outlines these guidelines, which are applicable to all employees, business partners, and service providers. These guidelines include:

  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Non-discrimination and Harassment
  • Workplace Safety, Health, and Hygiene
  • Management of Insider Information and Confidentiality
  • Proper Use of Company Assets
  • Legal Compliance
  • Conflicts of Interest and Business Opportunities
  • Anti-corruption and Anti-money Laundering
  • Actions that may constitute crimes
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Whistleblowing System

To ensure employees are aware of the Code, the document is available on the Intranet for reference, and physical copies are distributed that employees must sign and include in their records. In 2022, 100% of employees signed their commitment to the Code, and 40% received training in this area.

In addition to the mentioned Code of Ethics, we also have a Suppliers’ Code of Ethics and Conduct. This code aims to establish the commitment of our suppliers to the best practices of ethical behavior and moral standards.

In the organization, employees and stakeholders are encouraged to report any activity or action that violates the Code, regulations, or institutional policies through their manager, the Legal Department, Human Resources, or via the organizational reporting system’s email at We are committed to protecting the rights of individuals who raise concerns in good faith and prohibit retaliation. However, it is expected that whistleblowers cooperate with investigations based on factual and verifiable information.