Corporate Governance


Technical Committee

In a Publicly Traded Stock Corporation, the Technical Committee fulfills the role of the Board of Directors. The Committee must be composed of at least 35% independent members, and we are also committed to having 35% female representation. Any holder with 10% or more of CBFI ownership has the right to designate a proprietary member and their respective alternate at the General Assembly of Holders. The controlling group through the control trust has the right to designate the remaining proprietary members of the Technical Committee and their respective alternates, meaning at least half +1 of the total members of the Technical Committee.

Within the Trust’s constitution, it is established that independent members, due to their experience, ability, and professional prestige, carry out their functions free from conflicts of interest and without being subject to personal, economic, and financial interests. Their independence is qualified by a majority of votes present at the assembly of holders. Their main functions include:


  • Approve, with the prior opinion of the Audit Committee, the guidelines for internal control and audit matters of the Trust, the Administrator, and other persons contracted by the Fiduciary.
  • Instruct the Fiduciary on the direction in which it should exercise any corporate and/or economic rights of which it is the holder or owner, directly or indirectly, regarding the shares of the Administration.


Salvador Cayón Ceballos 53 years Chairman (CEO) 9 years Yes
Rafael Marcos Dayan 55 years Related Member 9 years Yes
Cristina Rocha Cito 52 years Related Member 5 years Yes
Mauricio Martín del Campo 55 years Related Member 4 years Yes
Linda Marcos Dayan 62 years Related Member 4 years Yes
Ramón Shabot Marcos 40 years Related Member 3 years Yes
Francisco Javier Soní Ocampo 71 years Independent member 9 years Yes
Enrique Ramírez Magaña 54 years Independent member 5 years Yes
María Teresa Fernández Lambardini 56 years Independent member 4 years Yes
Jorge Quinzaños Suárez 72 years Independent member 4 years Yes
Mirshna Yoshabel Páez Villarreal 37 years Committee Secretary  3 years Yes


Carlos Alberto Casas Razo (57 years)
Salvador Rocha Cito (61 years)
Luis Fernando Briones Guzmán (57 years)
Eduardo Alejandro Martínez Escoto (45 years)
Francisco Humberto Peralta Bengoechea (63 years)
Rodrigo Granados Ortigoza (38 years)
Romeo Vizanni Fuentes (51 years)
Alberto Herrejón Abud (59 years)
Carlos Enrique Mainero Ruíz (40 years)
Bosco Quinzaños Oria (51 years)
Mirshna Yoshabel Páez Villarreal (37 years)

*40% of the members are independent; 30% are women, and they have an average tenure of 5.36 years.