Sustainability Approach


Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

To continue developing our ESG strategy, we sought out a closer alignment with the SDG by conducting a diagnosis and a benchmarking analysis, through which we identified our strengths and areas of opportunity in alignment and impact on the SDG. With this we were able to set priorities for the organization based on our industry and our operations, along with best practices in each of them.

SDG Priorities

Having a strategy aligned with the SDG could have benefits inside and outside of the organization, magnifying our positive impact on the environment and society and pinpointing opportunities in our activities to attract investors, meet the requirements and needs of our stakeholders and build competitive advantages by creating greater value throughout our properties’ lifecycle.

We assessed our contributions to priority SDGs by considering four areas, which gives us a holistic overview of our scope and operations:

  1.  Business model: focused on our organization’s strategy for managing the SDG.
  2. Internal operations: managing the direct impacts of our activities.
  3. Supply chain: focused on management of our suppliers and their impact on the SDG.
  4. Collective action: creating partnerships to support the 17 SDG.

The table below summarizes are performance on each SDG, broken down into four specific areas. The results are shown as a percentage progress toward the goal, accompanied by a classification of the risk level of each. Our best performance was toward SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and our lowest was in SDG 10, Reduced Inequality.