Sustainability Approach


Sustainability Approach

At FibraShop, we are continually improving and innovating to remain industry leaders in the field of sustainability. Our sustainability approach is based on an ESG strategy we developed in 2020. Its purpose is to create and instill in our entire organization a culture of contributing positively to the environment and society through our operations. As part of this strategy, we conducted a materiality study to identify the most relevant environmental, social and governance issues to FibraShop, to ensure that we meet the expectations, needs and demands of our internal and external stakeholders.

ESG governance


FibraShop is aware of the rapid pace of change around the world in the area of sustainability, and we know that we need to be on the alert so we can stay at the forefront of our industry and adapt to new global trends and stakeholder expectations. We also know that ESG risks demand action from our organization, an effort that must be led by senior management and spread throughout all areas of the organization. With this in mind, as part of our ESG strategy, we defined the following specific structure for managing ESG issues:


  •  ESG Committee: Responsible for approving and overseeing the ESG strategy and ESG risk management, and for assigning responsibilities in the area of ESG and active communication with stakeholders.
  • ESG Area: Responsible for implementing and monitoring the ESG strategy and preparing media for communicating sustainability progress and performance both within and beyond the organization.

Summary of Current Strategy: