Corporate Governance


Corporate Practices Committee

This committee is made up of three independent members of the Technical Committee. Its decisions are passed by a simple majori-ty of its members. The Technical Committee is responsible for ap-pointing the chairperson of the Corporate Practices Committee.

Regular MerbersAlternates
Maria Teresa Fernández LabardiniCarlos Enrique Mainero Ruiz
Enrique Ramírez MagañaAlberto Herrejón Abud
Jorge Quinzaños SuárezBosco Quinzaños Oria


Expressing an opinion with respect to the transactions with related parties and members of the Control Trust.


Expressing an opinion with respect to the value of the properties identified by our Technical Committee as potential acquisition targets.


Expressing an opinion with respect to the market studies related to the properties that will comprise our trust estate, and recommending any modifications thereto.


Recommending that our Technical Committee request from our Advisor, Management Subsidiary, Common Representative or Trustee the information it considers necessary to perform its duties.


Advising our Technical Committee with respect to the powers granted under our trust agreement.


Requesting the opinion of our Advisor or other independent advisors with respect to the Practices Committee’s performance.