Sustainability Approach



We define what is material for FibraShop and its stakeholders by considering the risks and opportunities that influence our capacity to pursue our sustainability strategy and business model. Material issues are those that significantly affect or may affect our business, directly or indirectly, or affect our capacity to create value for our stakeholders.

In 2020, we conducted a materiality analysis to identify our mate-rial issues and precisely report on FibraShop’s ESG performance to stakeholders. Additionally, in order to ensure that stakeholder needs and expec-tations were reflected in the organization’s material issues, we up-dated our 2020 materiality analysis in 2022, including an ESG issue prioritization survey of suppliers and tenants.


  1. Identification and mapping of key FibraShop stakeholders.
  2. Analysis and integration of industry studies and leading competitors to determine material issues in environment, social and governance areas for FibraShop.
  3. Interviews and surveys to determine the relevance of material ESG issues to internal stakeholders.
    a. Interviews: 7 strategic employees
    b. Surveys: 126 employees surveyed
  4. Analysis of the information, development of a matrix and validation of results.

Materiality Matrix 2020


    Materiality update