About Us


Investment Strategy

The fragmented retail sector in Mexico provides excellent opportunity to generate robust growth through expansion, revitalization, disciplined acquisitions and development.


Focus on mid to large cities with favorable market dynamics:

  • Urban and touristic destinations.
  • Zones of robust population growth.
  • Areas of growing household income.
  • Favorable demographics.
  • Table markets with in place infrastructure.


Selectively invest in attractive acquisition opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • High quality shopping centers with accretive valuations.
  • Shopping centers that would benefit from revitalization.
  • High quality tenants with strong brand name recognition.


Development is a long term strategy that will complement our acquisition strategy with the following objectives:

  • Acquire attractive, well-located land in locations that complement our portfolio.
  • Sub-contract construction and development teams in a transparent and value-maximizing manner.
  • Related party transactions would be appropriately disclosed.

Multi-format approach

Our multi-format platform provides access to a wider range of consumers, gives flexibility to our tenants and maximizes returns for our investors.


Super Regional

Flagship shopping center format for Fibra Shop targeting all types of tenants and consumers.

Primary shopping place for consumers to shop in the surrouding area.


Average GLA (m2)

More than 40,000

Target Consumer Area Main Cities:

25 km radius



Medium sized concept that allows implementation in a larger number of cities across Mexico.

Provides tenants flexibility to have multiple brands in the same shopping centers.


Average GLA (m2)

10,000 – 40,000

Target Consumer Area Main Cities:

25 km radius


Urban Center

“Urban Center” concept was created by Central de Arquitectura as a reinvention of the strip mall.

Provides a superior shopping leisure and aesthetic experience for middle and upper middle income consumers.


Average GLA (m2)

Less than 10,000

Target Consumer Area Main Cities:

3 km radius

Our shopping centers combine three different formats, Fashion Mall, Power Center and Community Center