Human Rights

At FibraShop, to demonstrate our respect for human rights, we are developing a policy applicable to all operations and employees, stipulating full compliance with all laws and regulations applicable on a local and federal level relating to human rights, and which have an impact on the environment and communities where we operate. Our pledge is to respect the basic liberties and rights of all human beings, with specific emphasis on freedom to work, prohibition of slavery and servitude, prohibition of child labor, coerced or forced labor, prohibition of discrimination against people with family responsibilities, on health and job safety, diversity and inclusion, and the right to fair, equitable and satisfactory working conditions, among others.

Additionally, to build awareness and transmit a culture of respect for human rights in this organization, we began providing human rights trainings to our employees in 2021. We also developed a training program that will begin in 2022, focused on issues like inclusive language, preventing gender violence, discrimination and harassment, freedom of expression, and other issues.