Human Capital

Fibrashop knows how important it is to create a safe and healthy workplace that fosters employee wellness and enables them to go about their daily activities.

The changes and disruptions of recent years have prompted a shift in workforce management toward the physical and emotional wellness of employees and their family members. Now more than ever, companies must provide a workplace free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying, and mitigate any risk of psychosocial harm to the employee. With this in mind, in 2021 we drafted and published a Policy on Prevention of Psychosocial Risk, aligned with the provisions of NOM 035, which involves the elimination of any type of workplace violence and provides employees with mechanisms for filing complaints and grievances.

We also carried out health campaigns and offered courses across the country to build employee awareness about the importance of psychosocial wellness in our day-to-day work.

Eleven courses on wellness and health were given to employees, totaling 23,740 work hours of training. The following topics were covered:

  • Psychosocial wellness in the workplace
  • Healthy aging
  • Awareness and healthy habits to avoid cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and others
  • Prevention of child abuse
  • Mental health care Additionally, and also in line with NOM 035, we conducted a survey to assess psychosocial risk factors, organized into four main categories: work environment, job-specific factors, organization of work time and relations in the workplace. This survey will be applied at least every two years. Based on the result we will develop response programs and measures that can be taken to mitigate the risks identified and turn the workplace into an environment where people can grow.

These measures focus primarily on the following:

  • Placing priority attention on job-specific factors like workloads and control over one’s work.
  • Promoting a critical spirit in middle management and management regarding their assignment of tasks to their work team, the hours they work and the responsibilities they assume.
  • Conduct a review of positions, activities, duties and responsibilities, as well as the congruence of work hours.
  • Prepare awareness-building and training campaigns on leadership and healthy, violence-free working relations.
  • Prepare protocols for preventing and addressing harassment and workplace violence.

FibraShop is always working to offer our employees a competitive package of salary and benefits consistent with their know-how, experience, skills, training, abilities and responsibilities, and most of our benefits exceed the minimum required by law. Additionally, to encourage a balance between work and personal life, we have agreements with various hotels, fitness centers and testing labs that offer special rates and expanded access to these products and services for our employees to enjoy.

NOM 035

Aware of the importance of providing a healthy workplace for our employees, we have stepped up our efforts to align with and implement NOM-035 in order to identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors that may arise at work. In 2021 we applied a survey to 306 employees to evaluate psychosocial risk, with the following results:


Our commitment to employees begins from the time they are recruited and hired, and continues throughout their time in the organization, in their retention, promotion, evaluation, etc. We help employees to create career plans that further their well-being and continuous advancement through constant training to keep them up to date and abreast of our activities, and through ongoing evaluations to help them improve day after day.

As a sign of our commitment to employees, we created a Social Policy to provide opportunities for advancement in a climate of respect and fairness, always mindful of employees professional and personal development, and their health, safety and well-being in the workplace.

All FibraShop employees participate in training and development programs aligned with their needs and according to the position they hold and the duties they carry out. We also help them build a set of soft skills in issues like ethics, human rights and wellness, to contribute to their development as human beings as well.

Overall Employee Turnover Was 3% In 2021

The voluntary turnover rate in 2021 was 11%, compared to 6% in 2020, and the involuntary turnover rate was 2%, compared to 4% in 2020

Employee training


Employee Evaluations

In 2021 of employees in managerial, maintenance and marketing positions received regular performance evaluations