Health and Safety

Protecting our employees’ health and well-being is one way we ensure their loyalty and their efficiency. We work to create and instill a culture of safety with the participation and support of all of our stakeholders, inside and outside of the organization, in our supply chain and beyond. As part of our effort to preserve health and safety in our properties, we began a training program for our security employees in 2021, consisting of 116 hours of training given to 58 people. The training and occupational safety monitoring program will continue in 2022, with the aim of providing training to 100% of our property security personnel. We are aware of our responsibility to promote a healthy, safe workplace that meet all legal requirements, allocating the necessary human, physical, technological and financial resources for appropriate management of health and safety. Based on our Occupational Health Policy, FibraShop’s commitment covers the following measures:


  • Identification and evaluation of hazards and risks.
  • Development of applicable controls according to law.
  • Employee training on safety risks and rules.
  • Protection and supervision of facilities and equipment.
  • Implementation of strategies to minimize harassment and encourage healthy coexistence in the workplace.
  • Development of communication and training on healthy habits. • Strengthening of health and safety measures.
  • Activities to help employees prepare for retirement.
Indicator 2021 2020 2019
Number of fatalities 2 1 1
Number of accidents in transit 7 8 8
Number of on-site accidents 5 10 10
Number of occupational illnesses1 0 0 0
Accident rate 3.28% 4.66% 4.66%
Occupational illness rate 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%

1 This figure does not include the number of employees who fell ill with COVID-19 during the year. There were 56 confirmed cases among our employees in 2021, one of whom died.