Green Bonds

In continuation of its ESG (“Environmental, Social and Governance”) project, and the commitments it recently published in its first Sustainability Report 2020, it has decided to publish the Framework so it will be able to issue green bonds; furthermore, it has obtained a Second-Party Opinion, or “SPO” from the company Sustainalytics. With this step, FibraShop is now able to issue green bonds.


By publishing these documents, FibraShop reiterates its commitment to transparency. These documents are evidence of the company’s ongoing work towards its ESG goals, in conjunction with independent professionals who are experts in the matter. The Framework and the SPO open up new avenues for FibraShop to be able to finance projects, allowing the company to show investors that its work to protect the environment began several years ago.


FibraShop will continue working and reporting progress in its ESG program, and seeking out new and better financing opportunities.