Corporate Governance


Corporate Structure

Corporate Governance Structure Of Trust 00854

General CBFI Holders’ Meeting Technical Committee

This Meeting represents all of the owners of Real-Estate Trust Cer-tificates (CBFIs, for their initials in Spanish) issued by FibraShop. The CBFI Holders’ Meeting has all the faculties provided for in the applicable legislation, as well as those conferred upon it in the trust indenture. The most important of these are:

  1. Approving CBFI issues and their placement.
  2. Approving the general policy on indebtedness.
  3. Approving members of the Technical Committee and their compensation.
  4. Appointing and removing the administrator and the advisor.
  5. Removing or replacing the Common Representative.

    To learn more about the faculties of the CBFI Holders’ meeting, download the Annual Results