Corporate Governance


Ethics and Anti Corruption

FibraShop is committed to create and maintain a culture of regulato-ry compliance and ethical conduct in which all employees and oth-er stakeholders are responsible, behave with honesty and integrity and can bring forth their concerns about unethical or illegal conduct without fear of reprisal. Fraud and corruption in all their forms, in-cluding bribery, are contrary to the values and culture of FibraShop.

We pledge to actively prevent fraud and corruption throughout the organization and we expect our people to do the right thing and abide by all applicable laws, codes and policies. We have a zero-tol-erance policy against bribery, corruption, and fraudulent or dishonest conduct

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics applies to all FibraShop employees and con-tractors, commercial partners and service suppliers. The Code ex-presses the fundamental values. General guidelines, basic princi-ples and obligation to abide by the law.

It serves as basis for setting the standard of conduct all FibraShop employees must follow in their relations and/or interaction with our stakeholders.

The Code establishes the principles by which FibraShop operates, with a deep sense of social commitment and awareness, with humanity, working toward sustainability and preserving natural resources.

Whistleblower System

In 2021 we developed and launched our internal whistleblower sys-tem. We use FibraShop communication channels to let our employ-ees know how to approach us with any type of grievance or com-plaint. As established by our Code of Ethics, the procedure for filing a complaint is to send an e-mail to

The monitoring of this system is currently the responsibility of the CFO, the CEO and the Comptroller. Users may file a complaint on any topic whatsoever.

Information Security

To meet new expectations and keep up with the latest technological trends, FibraShop has a team in charge of protecting the information of its tenants, employees and suppliers. This team is
responsible for overseeing regulatory compliance in matters of One-on-one data and information security.

To manage information security, we have the following procedures:

  • Information Service User Maintenance Procedure.
  • Remote Work Procedure.


FibraShop has deployed an information security process that provides:

  • The resources necessary to implement an infrastructure capable of supporting multiple remote connections.
  • The security measures necessary either to track tasks and projects or to resolve urgent issues when working by remote media.
  • A duly defined procedure to ensure operating needs are met when it is not possible to be physically present at the usual workplace.


As part of our remote work procedure, in 2021 we verified the implementation of our Disaster Recovery Plan by working in a re-mote Software-as-a-Service environment and were able to recover specific information.