Our emissions measurement and reduction activities help us to prepare our assets and operations to face the risks associated with the future price of carbon, and prove that reducing emissions does not have to come at the cost of business success.

The industry is responsible for a considerable proportion of primary energy, so it is highly important for FibraShop and its stakeholders to know where the energy we consume comes from, and report on the emissions that result from that consumption. We believe our actions to eliminate emissions are the most important contribution we can make to mitigating climate change.

Total emissions generated less than 100 tCO2e 2019-2021

Total emissions generated between 100 tCO2e and 500 tCO2e 2019-2021

Total emissions generated above 500 tCO2e 2019-2021

Emission Reduction Initiatives

In our previous report, we estimated a total of 3,245.67MWh generated in our solar cell system, equivalent to approxi- mately 1,603.3 tCo2e. Officially, in 2021, we generated a total of 2,923.16 MWh of energy from renewable sources, meaning we avoided the generation of 1,236 tCO2e.