We Recognize The Opportunity And The Responsibility To Create Shared Environmental Value Alongside Our Communities, Clients and Investors.

FibraShop depends on natural resources for the activities of every one of its properties. The resilience of these environmental resourc- es and processes is fundamental to our capacity to create value and generate financial returns. We share a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our commercial activities, and our goal is to reach a point where these resources are used sustainably.

Our Environmental Policy establishes a goal of revolutionizing the shopping center market toward a sustainable future with the par- ticipation of our employees and contributing positively to the envi- ronment and the communities where we operate through the fol- lowing approach:

  • Managing and mitigating environmental impacts from our operations and reducing our consumption of water and energy resources.
  • Reducing our generation of greenhouse gases (GHG) in compliance with the Paris Agreement.
  • Identifying and responding to the physical risks of climate change in our properties based on TCFD recommendations.
  • Compliance with all environmental laws.

2021 Performance

  • Created and approved an Environmental Policy focused on environmental care and protection in all our activities and operations.
  • Created and approved a Responsible Sourcing Policy, in order to extend our ESG commitment to our supply chain.
  • Through installation of a system of solar panels, we generated 5 times more renewable energy than in 2021 and avoided the generation of 1,236 tCO2e.
  • Conducted a physical climate change risk assessment for all our properties.
  • Developed a diagnosis based on the 4 TCFD recommendations to deploy a decarbonization strategy for the long term.