Corporate Governance


Our corporate governance is made up of a series of principles, standards and elements that govern all of our relations with our stakeholders. Good corporate governance is a fundamental part of FibraShop’s commitment to the General CBFI Holders’ Meeting. Corporate governance plays an integral role in supporting Fibra- Shop’s businesses. It provides the guidelines and practices through which the organization’s strategy and commercial goals are set, through which it is monitored, and its risks managed. It includes a clear framework for decision-making and accountability for the en- tire company. Our corporate governance aims for the organization to meet the highest standards of governance in all of its operations, keeping up with all relevant regulatory changes.
In 2021, we strengthened FibraShop’s corporate governance by cre- ating an ESG Committee and defining the intersecting responsibili- ties of the other Committees to include ESG aspects in their spheres of activity.

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Ethics and Anti Corruption

Labor Practices