Firm in our commitment to adopt best international practices in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance matters, we decided to start the certification process for our properties.

In february 2023, FibraShop informs that the Urban & Life Center Experience la Perla received EDGE certification from de IFC, making it the largest certified retail building in Latin America.

EDGE certification is an initiative of the IFC, which is a member of the World Bank Group. EDGE is a system for certifying sustainable construction that focuses on building more efficient buildings.

The Urban & Life Center Experience La Perla was inaugurated in April of 2022, and has a surface area of 362,789 square meters of construction. The project was designed by FibraShop with the objective of complying with the strictest sustainability standards, and during its construction a select group of materials was used. After an audit was performed and the project’s compliance evaluated, La Perla received certification of energy saved of 20%, water saved of 68%, and 21% efficiency in the materials used during construction, thus it obtained EDGE certification of 354,265 m2. This property comprises 25% of the total constructed surface area of the portfolio administered by FibraShop.

La Perla is today’s image of the Urban & Life Center Experience developed by FibraShop, and provides the basis of the strategy to refurbish all its properties. The Urban & Life Center properties are spaces focused on living in harmony with the environment. They provide a place where visitors can spend more time, return frequently, and places they can integrate into their daily lives. They are inclusive areas that offer sports, social, cultural, and artistic activities at no charge, and that promote learning about arts and crafts. In the social area, the Urban & Life Center properties seek to improve the quality of life of the individual, and to include the families in the community surrounding La Perla.

As previously announced, FibraShop plans to transform the majority of its properties into “Urban & Life Centers Experience properties,” following the successful start-up of La Perla, which, just a few months after having opened its doors, has become a reference and a watershed in the industry.

EDGE Certificate