Corporate Governance

Audit Committee

Our Technical Committee will appoint three of its independent members to comprise our Audit Committee.
The Technical Committee will appoint the chairman of the Audit Committee. Besides the matters determined by the Technical Committee, our Audit Committee is responsible for, among other things:


Evaluating our external auditors and analyzing their reports, meeting with the auditor for such purposes at least one time per year or when the Audit Committee believes a meeting it is necessary.


Analyzing and discussing our financial statements with appropriate personnel, and based thereon assessing whether to recommend their approval to our Technical Committee.


Informing our Technical Committee of its view as to our internal controls and internal audit system, including any irregularities.


Requesting and obtaining the opinion from our Advisor or other independent experts.


Investigating non-compliance with operating and accounting guidelines and policies or with our internal controls or the internal audit controls of our Advisor, Management Subsidiary and Trustee.


Informing and receiving reports from our Technical Committee of any material irregularities it may encounter and proposing remedial measures.


Holding periodic meetings with key executives of our Advisor, Management Subsidiary, Common Representative and Trustee.


Calling meetings of our CBFI holders and requesting matters to be added to the agenda.

Audit Committee

This committee is made up of:

  • Francisco Javier Soní Ocampo
  • Enrique Ramírez Magaña
  • Jorge Quinzaños Suárez