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Diversity and Inclusion and Employee Lifecycle


Targets and progress


Pay 100% of our employees a salary equivalent to at least double the local minimum wage 0%

Provide an average of 40 hours of training per employee 30 0%

Develop and implement an ESG training program for employees 0%


Have 25% of senior management positions occupied by women 31 0%

Have 28% of operating positions occupied by women 0%

Provide human rights training to 100% of our employees 0%


Zero fatal accidents in our properties 0%

Pay 100% of our employees at least double the minimum wage 0%

Directly hire 100% of formerly outsourced employees 0%


Performance evaluations for 50% of our employees 0%

30 Target modified to more realistic and achievable based on the current situation.
31 Senior management includes FibraShop directors and subdirectors.

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a diverse and inclusive work culture means ensuring a positive and productive work environment, helping to attract and retain talent, driving innovation and facilitating decisions made on the basis of various opinions and perspectives.

FibraShop is firmly committed to wage equality, and we are aware that the minimum wage has a disproportionate impact on women. To help resolve this problem, we have introduced a strategy that includes directly hiring all formerly outsourced employees, a measure that not only improves social well-being and income, but also helps significantly reduce the gender wage gap.

In a similar effort, in order to ensure that all have access to basic services, it is crucial that employees be paid a wage that enables them to meet their dietary and non-dietary needs. Accordingly, we have set ourselves the target that no employee will earn less than two times the local minimum wage. CONEVAL’s “Analysis Document on Multidimensional Measurement of Poverty 2022,”* found that an individual requires 4,158 pesos per month to meet their basic dietary and non-dietary needs. Given also that the average size of a Mexican family is 2 or 4 members, the average monthly income should be 14,500* per family. Today, the minimum wage is 207.44 pesos per day, which would be a monthly salary of 6,233.20 pesos.  The minimum wage at FibraShop is 12,466.40 pesos. We will continue to improve to be able to offer the best conditions to our employees.

Additionally, to build this type of environment, we have a Labor Inclusion Policy, which supports the hiring of employees of various generations, genders, backgrounds and nationalities, encouraging each of them to participate without bias or distinction due to their personal characteristics or physical capacities. This policy is promoted from the highest echelons of the organization, as we seek to be guided at all times by respect and to generate a sense of belonging, loyalty and dedication to the organization.


35% of our employees are women.

Workforce diversity

At the close of 2022, our workforce was made up of 408 employees, broken down as follows:

Senior ManagementMiddle ManagementOperating StaffTotal
Under 30 years old-1161247156328
30-50 years417061663514097
Above 50 years old3-18742106317

1 Women in management positions accounted for 3% of the total.
2 1.5% of employees in our workforce had some disability.
3 4.4% of employees belonged to a union.

At FibraShop, we require that all employees be treated fairly and equitably, eliminating any kind of discrimination, bias or stereotypes, in order to offer equal opportunities for development and growth. We recognize people for their skills and achievements, regardless of their physical characteristics, gender or identity.

Job CategoryAverage Salary Men*Average Salary Women*Difference
Senior management$259,258.30$148,333.30$110,925.00
Middle management$29,764.71$36,285.47$6,520.76
Operating staff$10,480.38$11,162.98$682.60

* Using base salary.


To continue our strategy of diversity and inclusion and to strengthen our efforts, we are in the process of developing an Equal Opportunity Policy, which promotes equitable creation of opportunities for men and women at every level of the organization, including our governance bodies. The policy will establish merit-based hiring and promotion practices based on individual capacity without preference, distinction or bias as to gender.

At the same time, we will work on awareness-raising and training programs on gender equity for members of our governance bodies, both current and future.

We will also set up development and mentoring programs as opportunities for training and growth, assignment of strategic projects and active promotion of women in leadership positions.

Employee lifecycle

Our commitment to our employees covers their entire lifecycle at FibraShop, which begins from their recruitment and hiring and lasts until the end of
the labor relationship. This cycle consists of various phases, which are essential to the success and growth of both the organization and the employee.

People are a core asset for FibraShop, because they possess skills that give life and movement to the organization, generating undeniable value by creating strategic and competitive paths to success. Our HUMAN CAPITAL POLICY promotes the care and management of our human capital, helping to retain and promote the well-being of our people during the various phases of their professional lives: recruitment, selection, hiring, development, evaluation, recognition and promotion. This ensures that we can maintain a motivated, committed team with the skills needed to face any challenge.

Hiring and turnover

Our efforts to attract and retain the best talent were reflected in the following hiring rates in 2022:

Breakdown of new hires by age group
<30 years26.04%11.32%
30-50 years35.09%19.62%
>30 years3.77%4.15%
Breakdown of workforce by type of contract
Full time244126370
Part time221638

We continually monitor the rate of voluntary and involuntary turnover in the organization and keep monthly statistics on the reasons why employees leave the organization, so we can create programs and initiatives to encourage their retention. Starting in 2023, we will also be applying satisfaction surveys of our employees in order to promptly address topics of concern and prevent their departure. 

DeparturesTurnover rate32

Turnover rates in 2022:

Voluntary 31%
Involuntary 26%

Development and evaluation

At FibraShop, we invest in the professional and personal growth of our people through training and development programs for all of our employees according to the needs of their position, to improve their skills and know-how and help them to do their jobs optimally. Programs like these can help employees to adapt to new technology, work methods and market requirements, stimulating their creativity and innovation, which ultimately keeps the organization as a whole up-to-date and competitive in its industry.

Training by gender
Training by job category
Senior management27
Middle management1355,235
Operating staff1916,503