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Corporate Governance

In FibraShop, we have a compensation plan for our employees that also includes the CEO and CFO. It comprises:

  • Ownership of CFBI’s (executives). Approved by the Compensations Committee
  • Performance bonus (middle managers and executives).
  • Life insurance (middle managers and executives).
  • Major medical expense insurance (middle managers and executives).
  • Funeral support (all employees).
  • Flexible schedules (all employees).
  • Support for master’s degrees (all employees).
  • Recruitment policy, which includes internal promotion based on performance (all employees).
  • Vacation days exceeding legal requirements (all employees).

Some of the above benefits are granted based on performance evaluations.

Likewise, if necessary, we issue the Distribution Guide to our shareholders every year, which depends on the compensation of our CEO and executives.

Due to the social, political, and economic environment in Mexico, both the plan and the salaries of our employees, CEO, and CFO are sensitive data. Therefore, they are not public.