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Audit Committee

Corporate Governance

The Committee is composed of three independent members, and the Technical Committee determines its members.

 The main functions of the Committee, which adopts its resolutions by a simple majority of its members, include:

  • Evaluate the performance of the External Auditor and analyze the opinions, reports, or documents prepared and signed by the External Auditor.

  • Discuss the financial statements.

  • Inform the Technical Committee about the status of the internal control system.

  • Request the opinion of advisors and/or experts in cases it deems necessary.

  • Require reports from the administrator, trustee, and other individuals under its responsibility, operation, and control, as well as reports related to the preparation of financial information and any other type of information it deems necessary.

  • Investigate possible breaches of which it becomes aware.

  • Receive comments submitted by Holders, Creditors, and members of the Technical Committee, as well as from any third party in general.

Audit Committee

Francisco Javier Soní OcampoRomeo Vizzani Fuentes
Enrique Ramírez MagañaAlberto Herrejón Abud
Jorge Quinzaños SuarezBosco Quinzaños Oria