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Alignment with the Sustainable Taxonomy of Mexico

Sustainability Strategy

In keeping with the STM, before publishing this report, we compared our own operations against the minimum criteria indicated for the construction industry to determine whether the economic activity is considered sustainable.

We then identified activities that were in the process of implementation or incorporation into our strategy in order to adopt best practices not only on an international level but also for our own country.



Table 236221_1.
Table 236221_2.
Certifications of properties with potential equivalence, among others, EDGE.

Installations of air conditioning and heating systems.
Comply with the minimum efficiencies established in the Energy Conservation Code for Buildings in Mexico – IECC Mexico, as well as the indications in the current standards.


La Perla Certification. We comply with the thresholds established in the TSM:

  • 20% energy savings
  • 68% water savings
  • 21% savings in energy incorporated in materials.

In the process of certifying Puerta la Victoria.

See in section:

  • Priority SDGs (6, 7 and 12).
  • Sustainable Spaces

Modification of the Design and Adaptation to Premises Manuals incorporating sustainability criteria based on LEED, WELL and EDGE standards.

See section:

  • Priority SDGs (11)
  • Sustainability Strategy. ESG Strategy in Real Estate


Table 2.3.

Classification of weather-related hazards:




Projected impacts of climate change:

Storms and severe weather


Loss of biodiversity

Water resources

Coastal plains


Analysis to identify physical risks related to climate change through the TCDF methodology.

See section:

  • Priority SDGs (13)
  • Environmental. Climate Change and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Our properties are insured against the aforementioned climatic events. We have:

  • Storm tanks and dikes for blocking natural water flow.
  • Hail retainers inside the buildings
  • Anti-cyclonic tarpaulins to protect the structure and operation of the buildings.

We have a strategy to reduce our water withdrawal. Although we have some treatment and rainwater collection plants, we must continue to make progress with all of our properties.

We have implemented policies designed to



Decent Work


Social Inclusion


We believe that these pillars must go hand in hand.
We are hiring all those workers who provide their services through an external company and reducing the salary gap.
No FibraShop employee will earn less than two minimum wages.
We have implemented more than 20 policies in favor of our employees.