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Activities and Events


One of our goals is to replicate the Center of Life concept in at least 5 of our properties. As a preliminary step, in 2022, we decided to organize more than 240 outreach and community engagement programs and activities within our properties. Each year, we develop a calendar to plan events that align with the needs of the general population, promoting the physical, educational, and social well-being of our visitors.

It’s important to note that these activities are offered free of charge, and each one requires an investment that FibraShop undertakes. Therefore, an annual budget is allocated for the implementation of our social program. In 2022, FibraShop made an investment of over 5 million pesos dedicated to this budget item, impacting thousands of people who visit us.

Partnerships with NGOs

We establish partnerships with various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that focus on environmental and social issues. We provide them with free space within our shopping centers to conduct their activities, enhance their visibility and reach, and attract a larger number of people to participate in their projects and support their causes.